Investment Management

Customized Portfolios

Individual portfolios are built and monitored based upon the client’s investment policy statement and financial plan.  Sugar Maple Asset Management, LLC believes a core group of practices will result in performance consistent with our clients’ risk tolerance and return requirements.  These practices, identified in our clients’ financial plan, include:

  • Acknowledge markets may be volatile over short to intermediate time periods, portfolios must be built for the long-term while constantly looking for tactical opportunities
  • Portfolios are to be constructed with best in class mutual funds and ETFs factoring in risk adjusted historical performance
  • Striking a balance between low cost tax-efficient mutual funds and ETFs with actively managed funds that have historically added to return or reduced volatility is appropriate
  • Strategically utilize ETFs and individual stocks with a near-term price catalyst to enhance portfolio returns or reduce volatility
  • We avoid exotic, illiquid and leveraged products and assist new clients in transitioning out of these types of assets.

Financial Planning

A strong financial foundation begins and ends with a plan

The preparation of a financial plan is the foundation of our partnership with clients.  The planning process covers many concepts and financial decisions. The magnitude of specific goals and circumstances are different for each client.

While every financial plan is unique, a number of steps in the planning process are consistent for all clients.  These steps include:

Gathering specific and detailed client data and setting financial goals

  • Evaluating and understanding a clients’ current financial status
  • Developing recommendations for future actions to meet specific objectives
  • Implement and monitor recommendations
  • Adjust financial plan as circumstances dictate

Individual Retirement Accounts

Take charge of your retirement funds

Most people change jobs a few times during their career and this often leads to individuals having funds in multiple retirement plans.  Consolidating your plan balances into an IRA managed specifically for you may simplify your financial life and help lead to the attainment of your retirement goals.  At Sugar Maple Asset Management, LLC we will analyze your situation and determine your best course of action.

Considerations for a rollover include:

  • Would an IRA provide additional investment flexibility and options than your current 401(k) plan?
  • Does consolidation of various retirement accounts while continuing tax-deferred growth fit into your financial plan?
  • Comparative analysis of your individual 401(k) expenses vs. the expenses of a managed IRA

These and other factors must be considered when consolidating your retirement accounts into an IRA.  At Sugar Maple Asset Management, LLC our focus is on what is in your best interests not ours.

Variable Annuity Repair

Variable Annuities - proceed with extreme caution!

Sugar Maple Asset Management does not sell annuities because our time is taken up helping clients solve their existing variable annuity issues.  A fixed or immediate annuity may be a minor piece of someone’s overall financial plan if one must supplement monthly social security payments or the lack of a traditional pension plan benefit.  These situations are the exception.

Variable annuities have many drawbacks for the consumer including but not limited to:

  • Steep annual costs
  • Unspeakable surrender penalties
  • Costly and often unnecessary riders
  • Hard to determine internal expenses
  • Confusing contracts

We have the resources and tools to analyze your existing variable annuity to identify the annual expenses in your contract and determine what options you have to lower costs or switch to a less restrictive investment vehicle for your hard-earned savings.

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